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Grateful Golden Alumni Updates

The foster families and volunteers love to get updates from our Goldies and their families. This page will highlight some of the recent emails and letters we have received. Enjoy!!!
Hello Sylvia, Virginia and Chris,  

I wanted to give U all an up-date on beautiful, loving, calm, wonderful CLANCY LEE TWYMAN.

Today is his 3 week Anniversary at his new home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He is doing fabulously well!!!  Eating well, walking well, playing a lot, sleeping well and being a wonderful companion for me. I just don't know how I lucked out getting this terrific dog. He is so obedient and cooperative in every way.

Thanks again to all of you who cared for him, fostered him, let me know more about him ,and finally let me adopt him. That was a very special day in my life. He has found a new home with me and I with him. Life is so much better now that Clancy Lee is here to help fill the void that was left in my life when my dear husband Vinton Lee died.

I'll keep you informed of his progress as time goes on...and send photos too.

Luv from Peg Slinger-Twyman and Clancy Lee Twyman    

Clancy - Class of 2008

I've been wanting to get a picture of Cooper relaxing and send it to you, finally took one last night. He sure is a comfortable boy! He actually sleeps soundly like this often! Too funny.


Cooper/ Nick - Class of 2006
Dear Kerry,

"Dogan has been a wonderful addition to our family. His high energy levels have kept us active and continually seeking out new adventures for him to explore. He loves going to the dog-park downtown where he sniffs out the many interesting smells and promptly marks his territory. Frequent trips to the beach is also a highlight for Dogan where his off-leash capabilities allow him to run at full speed into the waves. We wonder what he'll do when Simon paddles out on his surfboard! Dogan is the sweetest dog who loves all sorts of attention. We were pleased to find that not only is he dog friendly, he also likes cats! Despite his tenacity to seek out garbage on the street (something we are trying to train him not to do), we can't help but love this guy wholeheartedly. Thank you to the people invested in his care for his first two years. I promise he is in good hands."

Thanks Kerry!
Bethany Burgee & Simon Matthews

Dogan - Class of 2007
I wanted to send an email (long overdue) to update our adoption of Harlee (class of 2007 pg1).   I attached a picture of our happy family!!

---We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family.  Dixie (our border collie) was our first child and she fell in love with her new sister at first site.  We knew Harlee was our perfect match, we didn't let her leave after her first visit.  She has given us a huge amount of golden love over the past year and we are excited for many more years to come.--- 

If you could forward this to whoever updates your happy tails, we love for the update to be added!  Thanks again for pairing us with such a wonderful companion. 

Kristin and Dan Presutti

II thought I would let you know, Misty is doing great. She is relaxing a little and will even stay in her spot while I walk away. She usually looks up  if  I move, but if I tell her it's Ok, she will stay and sleep. She is walking about 1.5 miles a day. She is doing better with the kitties, I hold them close to her while petting them. She will try to walk around
them or stay a safe distance, the cats are cautious but not afraid of her. I really think she is afraid of them.
Misty is getting lots of attention, she also has visits from other dogs that she seems to enjoy a great deal. We saw Dr. Patrick last week and he approved our food and exercise regimen Misty still does not help at all when it comes to getting in and out of the car. I would take her out more f she would at least try! I think we are going to get a ramp.We are working on Misty's ST Patrick's Day outfit for the Ion  St. Labbyday celebration on the 15th  I will send photos. She is going to show those "no hair" labs how to dress!
Deborah Streetman

Bertha now Misty Class of 2008
Kerry  and Virginia

He has mastered the pet doors and had his first trip to PetsMart.

He is living large .You have brought us great happiness.
Duffy - Class of 2008
Harlee - Class of 2007
Hello Kerry'

Just wanted to give you an update on Lucky for the webpage. He is so happy here and my kids just adore him. He is getting along real well with Doodle, our 4 year old Pug. He is a real sweet little guy and very well behaved. Here he is in the front yard. He listens very well. Didn't move from his spot until my son told him too. Thanks Again

The Berger's

Lucky - Class of 2007
Hi Chris

Thought I'd send you some pictures. Clancy is doing FANTASTIC. He is the most awesome dog. I took him to the vet on Sat. He got a clean bill of health.  Let me know when you have another event and Clancy and I will be there....
Clancy/Rusty - Class of 2008
Hi, Kerry!

We just wanted to give you and update on 'Emma'. She is one of the 'E' puppies we adopted in March.  We renamed her 'Chalotte' because of the 'serious' look on her face.  She is awesome!  She started her puppy
training classes yesterday and is doing great- she is so smart!

Here is a recent photo of her on her spa day.  You and I would call it digging in the mud- but she called it a 'mud treatment'.  She truly knows the price of beauty!

Thank you again for everything!

Brian and Mary Beth Barley
Charlotte -  Class of 2008
Tom & Chris: 

Just wanted to let you know that Chelsea is getting settled quite well.  She is such a fun and loving spirit that fits quite well into our little "pack"!  She and Sam are doing fantastic together.  We just got back from the beach and a ride in the special "golden constructed" golf/beach buggy - I've attached a photo for you!  She has conquered the stairs - since we have three floors, it was a much applauded effort - and now runs up and down with ease.  She is quite fascinated with everything inside the house - me cooking in the kitchen, our shower, the treat closet, etc.  She has looked all over our house to find a toy basket like you had at your house.  She has looked through a basket of paper mache fruit from Mexico, a basket of seashells, and a basket of magazines to no avail!  Steve says to tell you we are headed to Walmart for a "toy basket".  She has staked out her nap spot rig ht under my desk - Sam is just to big to fit, but she is just perfect.  She and Sam have worked out a pretty good system - she gets last licks from the dinner bowls, all the tennis balls, first pets, and sleeps under my desk, which has left us wondering who really is the "alpha" dog.  She follows Steve around like a shadow when he is home and has managed to get loads of pets from everyone that has come to meet her.  She loves the beach and swims like a golden - we were worried she would be afraid of the crash of the waves, but she apparently knows the difference between that and thunder.  We did have a bit of thunder last week when I was unloading groceries - I had the car doors open and was bringing groceries into the house.  She decided that I was not going to leave again without her so she hops into the driverside foot of my car.  It took a bit of convincing to get her out - she heard Steve's truck pull up and could not resist greeting him - otherwise she may have taken up permanent residence there!  Thanks again for your help in bringing her into our lives. 

Steve & Leigh Baumann   
Chelsey -  Class of 2008
Hi Kerry,

We just wanted to give you, and her foster families, an update on Luna (aka Snuggles).  She is doing very well.  She loves to play, go on walks, and chase squirrels and bugs in the backyard.  She's getting along with her brother Samson, and they love to play tug-of-war with any toy they can find.  She also loves to go to the dog park and to cuddle on the couch.  She has been such a wonderful addition to our family!!!  Thanks for everything!

~Brent & Michelle Waller

Hi Kerry and everyone at GGRLC!!

I am writing to you to give you an update of Edison!! Ed is a VERY special boy, full of energy and zeal. He is constantly looking for new things to get into, sometimes to no end :). He loves his big sister Cagney, they are rarely ever apart, even when sleeping. They both LOVE to swim, chase after sticks and and balls, and of course Edison's first love is FOOD.

Thanks for all the joy you've brought us!!
Nancy, Paul, Amanda, Shawn, Edison, & Cagney
Luna  (Snuggles) - Class of 2008
Edison - Class of 2008
Hi  Virginia-
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you.  Chris left for Iraq yesterday and we have been busy trying to cram in as much family/fun time as possible.  So now that I have a minute I must first say that we are in love with this sweet, sweet boy.  Pete is a gentleman and as lovely as he could be.  Our children adore him and keep him so busy.  The fella absolutely loves the ball and we love throwing it for him.  Pete has enjoyed the lake and rides on the boat.  He is always ready for a ride around the block and is so well mannered and a pleasure to have around.  We continuously tell each other how we can't believe what a great dog he is!  Our friends and neighbors are amazed by Pete and some are talking about looking into a Golden of their own (they sure are contagious). 
Thank you for helping us find the dog of our dreams and we will keep you posted on things going on in his life.  We will be celebrating his 6th birthday on August 14th!  Will send a couple of pictures then. 
Best wishes and many thanks!
Blayne Haley and family

Pete Class of 2008
Hi Kerry, "Papa Scott" and "Mama Joy" -

It's me Max (a/k/a Super Max, Maxamoose, Sugar sMAX, or Maxaroni) writing to tell you how well I'm doing!  Can you believe I'm a year old now?  The whole week of my first birthday Mom and Dad kept taking my picture to ge the perfect one for me to send you and show off how big I am.

My humans (they think I'm theirs but they really belong to me) and my big brother Tutter LOVE me so much! I've learned lots of commands, "sit", "crate", "stay", and my favorite "bedtime".  That's when we all go into Mom and Dad's room to watch TV.  Their bed is so big I can stretch out and put my paws all over Dad's head in the middle of the night!

I do have to stay in my crate when Mom and Dad are at work.  I don't like to go in there but I don't give them too much trouble when it's time.  While Mom and Dad are at work Tutter keeps me company.  He doesn't have to go in the crate and he promises it won't be too much longer before I can be out there with him.  Like most big brothers sometimes he hangs out and tells me stories, other times we talk about the cute Goldens we see at the park, and some times he just plain teases me and tells me no matter how old he is, he's still faster then me and that I can't catch him.  I show him though, as soon as Mom or Dad let me out of that thing I charge him and it's on.  We tumble and play until supper time.  I keep that old boy young!  Don't tell anyone but sometimes I do need some snuggling from Mom first.  I am a little bit of a Mama's boy and I know after a long day at work some of my puppy kisses and hugs make her forget a bad day.  I'm also still a little unsure about going outside by myself in the dark.  I still have my puppy moments but I won't be afraid for long it's just when Tutter is too tired to come out with me.

Some of my favorite things are going to the park, going for rides, and chasing tennis balls in the yard that Dad throws to me.  I think my favorite thing to do is try and eat whatever Mom and Dad don't want me to have.  You know socks, kitchen towels, pot holders, the mail, Mom's panty hose, and the best in the whole wide world - straight from the kitchen sink after supper THE SPONGE!!!!  Mom and Dad are always telling me "leave it" and I know what they are saying, but it's so much fun to keep it from them for a little while - I dance and prance about the house with my treasures - I just can't help myself!  I know they want me to stop but they don't get too mad, sometimes I think I even hear them giggling at me.  I don't do it as much as I used to but when I do I have a blast!

Well any minute now I'm going to hear "bedtime" and I gotta be ready to grab my spot on the big bed before Tutter gets it.  Thank you for finding my humans.  I know how much they love me and I sure love them.  We'll see you soon!

Love, Max

Max Class of 2007
Molly Class of 2007
I am sorry we have not updated you on Molly lately.     Since we have lived in Maine, we have realized that Molly loves playing in the snow.  She likes digging and tunneling in the snow.  We had to buy her some winter boots (very popular up here) to keep snow from collecting on the pads of her feet.  She still likes the water as usual and there is a nice long walking trail just down the road from us on the river.  Maine is a very pet friendly place and we will enjoy our next couple of years here.  Thanks again for all your help and making it possible for Molly to be a part of our lives and family. 
Diana and Nick Shadday, Molly and Roxy
Hi Virginia -

Just wanted to give you an update on Jessie. I was lucky enough to adopt this girl in the fall of '07. As you can see she is extremely happy, especially in a bucket of water she was able to find at the downtown Bluffton festival. Since I work at a kennel, this girl gets to play all day with her friends at doggie daycare. I thank you guys so much for what you do. Not only is Jessie the greatest dog, but she is also my best friend. Thanks again -- Robbie Aroneck

Jessie- Class of 2007
Good afternoon. I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take the time to say a great big "THANK YOU" to your organization and especially Virginia Pearson. We recently adopted Meadow after looking for several months for a new addition to our family. We lost our wonderful Goldie to cancer on Feb.28, 2008 and our family has been grieving terribly.  When the opportunity came up to foster Meadow, we jumped at the chance. I knew from the moment I met her, she was never leaving us and would become a part of the family. We love her so much already and the kids are enjoying the rowdiness young golden's can bring into your life. I thank Virginia for trusting us with her and allowing us the opportunity to find such a wonderful companion.

We are currently enjoying the company of 4 little ones at the moment.(Jennings, Jane, Jazz, and Junior) They have really changed over the last couple of weeks and are looking great!! They are no longer the skittish little hairless puppies of a few weeks ago, but, are becoming fat and loving fireballs!!! I think their personalities change every single day. They are getting baths almost every other day due to the fact they enjoy dirt and water too much to stay in the house. Anyway, I will close for now. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think you and Virginia are by fighting for good homes for these loving animals. By the way, Meadow is now called Jenna in honor of Virginia. Hope you like the picture. It is Jenna and my 4 year old at the beach.
Have a wonderful day,
Elaina Ballard

Meadow/Jenna Class of 2008

I thought you might be interested in how two of your finest might be doing.  The news is all good!  Jackson and Ginger really like each other, play well together, get long walks every day, swim in the pool (sometimes not fun for Mom & Dad, but they certainly enjoy it), love to romp at the beach with all the other dogs off leash, play catch and more - life is good for them.  They get a lot of attention from Lenore and I.  
We wanted to tell you how pleased and lucky we are to have adopted two such fine pets from your organization.  We feel very lucky indeed.  We hope that Christie will get a chance to revisit Jackson with Sailor in the not too distant future and we'll hope to make it to another 'reunion' whenever that might occur.

Thanks again!

In appreciation,

Larry & Lenore Pierson

Jackson & Ginger Class of 2008
Hello Everyone!
This is a picture of Kyla at the fair grounds for the therapy Dogs Inc. I am with her and when I talked I mentioned you and several people asked me where you were located and how to get in touch. I hope something comes from it, maybe a new owner. Anyway, Kyla is so good with people and listening to me give instructions now. Wow, it is fun to take her everywhere with me and she loves the attention given to her when we visit the rest homes. Working on going to the VA Hospital in near future. My best to all and Kyla also sends a "golden smile."
Diane & Therapy Dog, Kyla

Kyla Class of 2005

She is doing really well.  She's grown a bit and is now up to 55 lbs.  Vet says she's really healthy and is a "beautiful girl".  Belle enjoys going on several walks daily and playing catch in the back yard.  She's not keen on walking in the leaves, but will lay in the piles, given a chance.  Haven't had any problems behavior-wise and are quite pleased with her. 
Belle Class of 2008
Dear Kerry:

It has been just over a month since we adopted Chelsea and we could not be happier.
She really is a wonderful dog. Her spirit and smile make us happy every day. She has gained about 20 pounds, and I think she may have about 10-15 to go still.  She loves to run full speed around the backyard and toss toys in the air and flop around. An amazing 360 from the dog I brought home who was skin and bones and just wanted to sleep.

I am not sure what happened at her previous home but I am pretty sure all is forgotten. 

Thank you again for everything.

Hilary and Stefan Bryson
Hope/Chelsea Class of 2008
Hi Kerry,

Here are some pictures of my sweet Sullivan.  I thought you would enjoy seeing how beautiful he is!  

Thanks for rescuing him.  He sure has done the same for me, and everyone that meets him instantly falls in love.  

Sullivan  Class of 2008

I just wanted you to know that Coco is adjusting quite well in his new home.  He is so loving and kind.I feel like the luckiest human in the whole world.  He is wonderful.  He HATES my wood floors, but I will get him more comfortable as time goes by.  He loves my kitty, but the feeling is not yet mutual.  My kitty has had the run of the house for several months and doesn't understand human talk,, so my warnings were ignored.  This is day 3 and they are already spending time in the same room.  Coco is PERFECT and I cannot thank you all enough.  In the future I hope to possibly get one more so he has a good friend to be around.  Thanks again.


Coco Class of 2009
We adopted Gracie (foster name Ariel) in August 2007.  She is such a loving and gentle dog and know she has a baby brother, Noah, who she adores. 
We just wanted to share a few new photos of our wonderful family!  Thanks for all you do for Goldens.

Mike and Valerie Hensley

Gracie Class of 2007
Pappy and Mister Class of 2010
Pappy (11 yr old) and Mister (7 yr old) were part of the breeder dogs we got back in July 2010.  They've come a long way for 2 old guys who lived in a pen on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and had never been around people!!  Welcome to the Golden Life!

I can't believe how quickly the guys have adjusted.  They seem to be quite happy here.  They have settled into a routine, they love running around the backyard and the field across from our house.  They ignore the kids, which is fine.  They follow me around the house everywhere I go.  We got them beds, toys, bones, etc and they even got groomed last week. They really are great dogs and we are thrilled to have them.

We were emailing you to let you know that Jinx (formally known as Harrison aka "Harry") is doing wonderful!  He has fit right into our family!  He loves his sister Roxy (our other golden).. they play constantly and cuddle during their naps!  Jinx loves to play with toys as he is always digging through our big basket.  He also loves carrying any stuffed animal toy around in his mouth wherever he goes.  He is such a lover boy and we are so happy to have him with us!  We have attached a recent picture we had taken... Jinx is on the left! 
Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! 

Jennifer & Robert

Jinx (Harrison) Class of 2010