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Little Reba sure got off to a rough start!  In March we got a call about a three month old Golden who had been accidentally run over by her owner.  The young man loved Reba, but to his credit, instead of taking her to a shelter where she would most likely have been euthanized, he called us.  We were happy to take Reba, even though we didn't know the detailed extent of the injuries, what treatment would be needed, or how much it would cost.  When a dog comes to us injured, or in poor health, we always agree to get them the care they need.

Your donations make this possible every time we have an emergency such as this!

Her initial x-rays showed Reba's tibia and figula were broken.  After talking with Dr. Bianucci in Mt. Pleasant, we agreed to do surgery to give this puppy the best chance for a normal life.

Reba came through the surgery with flying colors and two days later we got a special call.  One of the vet techs wanted to know if she could foster Reba with the intent to adopt her once she gets the all clear from the vet.  Even better, Reba would go to work with her every day!

Little Reba will be formerly adopted next week and we could not be happier.  But her veterinary costs are our responsibility.

The bills for Reba's surgery and care came to $2,426.
Will you become one of Reba's Golden Angels and send a donation to help us?

This is the only way we can keep accepting sick and injured dogs.  Your donation today will enable us to be ready to help the next Golden in need.
We know we can count on you -- Reba does too!

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Pretty Little Reba
Reba after surgery
Reba and a new friend!

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~ Thank You to all of Reba's Golden Angels! ~
6/12/16 Update:  Due to the overwhelming generosity of Reba's Golden Angels, we have now collected our goal of $2,426.00 to cover Reba's expenses!  THANK YOU!