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Of course, as we all know, there is something even more valuable than monetary donations and that is Time. Grateful Goldens rescues close to 200 Goldens a year and the only way this happens is because people donate their time to help. We never turn away a Golden of good temperament no matter what their age or medical needs and will board short-term, if needed. Boarding is not an ideal environment for these dogs who have already been bounced around so we need people to open their hearts and homes to help. All of our Goldens spend time in a family environment prior to being adopted so Host foster homes are always in need as this helps us to get to know the Golden's personality and to match them to the right family. Volunteers are also needed to help with community events, home visits and a variety of other things. Please take a moment to consider if this is something you might be interested in and then visit our Volunteer Page and Fostering

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If you are interested in adopting a Golden, please check our available dogs and keep in mind we will be getting more dogs who will also need new, furever homes. Foster homes are also needed so if you are interested, please contact us.

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The first time we saw Piper our hearts stopped.  This young Golden boy was suffering from severe and unspeakable injuries after being shot at close range and left to die.  But Piper had other plans.  This amazing dog had an incredible will to live and went on to thrive.  After his critical and life-saving care funded by our generous donors, Piper worked tirelessly to give back to all of us.  He became our official Ambassador, appearing at countless events over the years – especially our annual Golf Tournament. 

In November, our hearts were broken by the news that Piper had passed.  His battle with cancer was also fought valiantly, but in the end it was time for Patrick “Piper” Palmer to leave.

No words can describe how much we miss this wonderful boy who beat the odds and went on to make such an enormous contribution to Grateful Goldens.  And so it is, with heartfelt gratitude for his extraordinary devotion, that Grateful Goldens is establishing Piper’s Fund.  We have always answered the call to help severely injured Goldens like Piper, but the cost to assist these dogs can rapidly deplete the rescue’s funds.  This fund will insure that there will always be monies set aside for these extraordinary cases. In memory of Piper, and for all the dogs who will need us in the future, please help make this fund become a reality by clicking on the Donate button below and making a donation to Piper’s Fund.

Thank you!

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