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How can anyone "lose" three adorable Golden (mix) puppies? Chances are they didn't. The more likely story is that they were just dumped somewhere to fend for themselves.

Picked up as strays in rural South Carolina, we were called and went to get them. Puppies don't do well in shelters. Often they become sick and end up being euthanized. Sometimes they have injuries that go unnoticed and can leave permanent damage. Even if the shelter sees it - if they don't have vet care, they euthanize.

Martin was such a puppy. During his first vet visit, we learned that Martin had a broken leg. He needed surgery (including pins) right away to prevent permanent damage.

The concern for the cost is always secondary to caring for a dog in need.
This time it was Martin but there will be a next time -- there always is.

Today, Martin has a happy ending because he has been adopted! That would not have happened if Grateful Goldens had not stepped in, rescued him and scheduled urgent surgery so that he would be a healthy, adoptable puppy.

Martin's surgery cost $1,774. Our supporters always come through for us, so we are hoping you will make a donation today so that we will be ready for the next time a dog like Martin needs our help.

Thank You!

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Three Golden Puppies Abandoned and one needed surgery!
Martin resting after surgery.
Now in his Forever Home!
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