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In the summer of 2014, a skinny little Golden had been scrounging around a gas station for days. A Good Samaritan opened her car door and he jumped in. Fleas and ticks were a minor problem because he could not eat. He would choke and throw up.  They called us and we agreed to authorize his veterinary care.  This was the beginning of a very long road for this sweet little guy.

Wes was also severely emaciated, anemic, had an infection, and had what appeared to be an obstruction in his throat which prevented him from swallowing food. He was diagnosed with an esophageal stricture - a growth which almost closed his throat! 

After months of trying different procedures, while prepping for surgery, the vets found a surgical scar on his stomach. They believed Wes had ingested something that damaged his throat.  This is where we learned about the bailey chair.  Since 2014 Wes has lived with Virginia, president of Grateful Goldens and husband Bruce.  Because of the feeding issue, she did not think anyone would adopt him (which was fine with them). But recently a wonderful couple, who were unfazed by his feeding issue, adopted Wes!  After almost two years, Wes finally has his forever home! 

Wes’ Golden Angels donated over $4,000 for his vet care, playing a major role in saving his life and giving him this chance for a long, loving future.  To these donors and all the Golden Angels whose generosity has helped us with other special needs dogs – we want to extend ~

Our Heartfelt Appreciation to All of You!

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A Special Dog Finally Gets His Forever Home!
Wes' bailey chair - now turned into a table!
New Mom & Dad -- looks like love!