Goldens take your heart, and cherish it.. they walk with it, and sleep with it, and they will never let it out of their sight...and when it's their time, they will take a little piece of it with them to remember you by.... and leave a piece for you to remember them by.... Author unknown
mother too, were probably dumped at a shelter, or maybe taken out to the country to fend for themselves.  In any event, Oliver wound up in a shelter, full of worms, malnourished and weakened, a prime target for disease.  We don't know his history for sure  all we know is that a Golden Angel happened to go to the shelter and saw Oliver and sent us a photo, and we moved heaven and earth to get him out of that environment to try to save him.  Many people were involved in his rescue, from the Golden Angel who found him and got him out of the shelter and transported him halfway, to the volunteer who met her halfway and transported him the rest of the way, to the emergency vets who worked to stabilize him that first night, to the Rescue vet and vet techs who did everything possible to give him a fighting chance at a loving new life.  Unfortunately our efforts were in vain, and Oliver passed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Oliver is just one example of the many beautiful animals out there who only want a chance to love someone and make them the center of their little lives.  Unfortunately, Olivier was denied that chance, though we did everything we could to give it to him.

What can you do to prevent another tragedy like this?  Spay/neuter your pets; encourage all your friends and family to do the same.  Become a Golden Angel; contribute to the medical expenses of a seriously ill rescue.  Our adoptive fees only cover a small portion of the medical expenses of some of our more serious cases.  Open your home to a homeless rescue either as a foster parent or as an adoptive parent.  We are only limited in the number of animals we can help by the number of foster homes available to us to place a rescue in order to stabilize it and socialize it and train it to be a loving member of its adoptive family.

Do it for Oliver and for all the homeless Goldens out there who are hoping for their chance at a forever home.  Do it for yourself and all the love waiting to be given to you.  Their future depends on you.

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Grateful Goldens Rescue of the Low Country
PO BOX 2519
Mt. Pleasant SC 29465-2519

In Memory
Oliver - We don't know his history, even though it was very short.  He was probably born to a stray, though it may have been to a family pet.  Some family pets, you know, aren't treated like members of the family, just something to keep in the yard to play with when you feel like it.  No one wanted to spend the money to spay his mother, because, after all, she was probably kept tied up in the yard so no male dogs would get to her.  When that plan failed, Oliver, and probably his siblings, and maybe his
Molly -
Huck -
Hopper - Sometimes it seems like yesterday when Hopper entered my life as a 8 week old puppy. Sometimes it seems like an entire lifetime. Now I know it was truly a lifetime ago.

From the day I used a simple test of "whatever pup follows me into the other room" to determine which handsome Golden would stay with me and which would make the 3 hour trip to live with my brother's family, Hopper was my best friend. Over the past 12 years, his soulful brown eyes saw me at my best and worst moments, yet he never judged me. He stayed true as I grew from a unfocused young man of 26 into a dependable and responsible adult of 38. Never did he waiver. The only thing he ever asked for in return was an evening walk, a comforting belly rub, ALL my pizza crust or a chance to take a swim. It didn't matter to him if it was a lake, stream, ocean or long as it was wet, he wanted to be in it.
Unfortunately, like so many other Goldens, he was susceptible to cancer. After a seemingly easy 8 month battle with suspected bladder cancer, which eventually robbed him of his ability to relieve himself, we knew the time had come for Hopper to leave us.

Like he was through out his entire life, Hopper was dignified and alert until his final moments. The love, warmth and caring that he generously gave to me, my wife and just about everyone he ever met, will never be forgotten. He was a very special best buddy.

Yes, although it seems like just yesterday that I brought home that pup, I now know it was an entire wonderfully beautiful lifetime ago.

Thanks for all the joy you gave, Hop...Rest easy, buddy!

Sophie "Toophi" - I will always remember the day I pulled you from the shelter. They said you were in poor shape but that didn't prepare me for what I saw as I carried you out and put you in the car. Starved, filthy and soooo scared. It was obvious you had been severely abused. Your crooked jaw and that tooth that stuck out spoke volumes of what your life had been. I wasn't sure I was up to the challenge of healing you, yet there was a light in your eyes that said you wanted to trust again. You bellied crawled for weeks in the house but I remember it like yesterday when you finally walked upright and came for a pet and a rub. When you went to your forever family a piece of me went with you. You had a wonderful loving family for the last 4 years who spoiled you in the fashion you deserved. Why you were called to the bridge so suddenly is hard to understand. I can only imagine it was because you were needed there, maybe by your big brother. I will miss you "Toophi" girl. My deepest sympathy goes out to your family left behind.
Carol Fellner - in memory of Felicia and Felix
In memory of West -one of the greatest Golden Retrievers I have ever known. He belonged to a dear friend Todd who lived here until a year ago.Charleston was their real home. West had a fantastic 14 years with Todd.We will miss him each day!
Mary and Cary
Sunshine -  was rescued by a woman who saw her wandering down a busy highway. We don't know what her life was like , we can only imagine how hard it had been by the horrible shape she was in. We do know that for the last several months Sunshine had a foster Mom who loved her and cared for her. She let us know it was time to let her go and a hard as it was we did that last kind act for her.We know she is at the bridge waiting for the time she will be with the people who cared so much for her.
In Memory of Our Boy "Dusty" - July 1994 - January 2006
The most amazing friend we have ever had. Dusty, You are loved so deeply. Our hearts ache like never before. You always faced your many overwhelmings odds with wonderful strength and happiness. Mommy has a enormous crack in her heart. I
know you will be in good company. Jenny and Nikki were waiting for you on the other side of the bridge. I have all faith that you will win all the hearts of all the angels in Heaven. I also know that since you are " A Golden" you have a special
seat right next to GOD. Because you are such an amazing boy you opened my heart to all Goldens in need of love. You led to me a place in life were I found amazing happiness.  I always knew the pain I would experience when you had to cross the bridge. I also know you knew that we loved you with such intensity. You had your way of softening us and getting exactly what you had in mind.  You loved everyone and every animal you met. Until you got a few gray hairs and became a bit grumpy. But we understood. Mommy and Daddy miss you already and will for the rest of our lives. God Speed "Big Guy"

All of our Love, Mommy, Daddy, Shelby and Toby.
P.S. Give Jenny and Nikki a kiss and tail wag for us.
See if they still sit
and give you 5.
Bandit -  was rescued from a shelter after being dumped there by uncaring owners. heartworm positive for who knows how long. Unfortunately Bandit died from heartworm before we could even begin his treatment an indication he had the disease for several years. His foster Mom is devastated because unlike his previous owners she loved this sweet, gentle boy. We can only take comfort in knowing that Bandit knew what love was all about the last month of his life and that he went peacefully in the place he loved most his foster home with the person he  loved most and who he knew loved him, his foster Mom Lynn.
Rest peacefully boy until we meet again.


Kringle was part of Grateful Golden's family since December 2006. Taken from a shelter just before Christmas this old boy gave us so much in his short time with us. His wonderful foster Mom holds him in her heart where he will live forever. We are sure he is running in the green meadows pain free waiting for the day when he will meet his Mom once more.
Goldie  loss her battle with cancer after a 14 month fight. This wonderful loving girl will be missed terribly by all her knew her. She brought such a peaceful prescence where ever she went. Anyone who met her fell instantly in love with her. Grateful Goldens will miss her at all of our events. She was our official greeter and while she won't be there in body her spirit will be there, reminding us all what rescue is truely about. Her foster family grieves her passing but take comfort in knowing they will meet up with her once again.
Tracy and I, with very heavy hearts, had to put our 13 year old beagle, Kate, down this morning (July 13, 2007).  Kate had struggled with health problems most of her life, but was a very happy girl with 'the best tail wag in the world'.  We loved her dearly, but knew her time was coming.  Still, it caught us off guard when she suddenly began having trouble breathing and stopped eating and drinking.  While she wasn't a terribly mobile dog, she became obviously lethargic, except for when she began two slow trips to the farthest point in the backyard (that was the final telltale sign that she was headed for the end, Tracy had to carry her back in because of the Georgia heat and bugs).  Within two days, it was readily apparent that she wasn't improving but getting worse. Tracy took her into our vet (military  CPT Harrison).  He was honest with us and I trust him completely.  Given Kate's age, health history and the breathing/mobility trouble, it was highly likely we were looking at cancer.  He offered to run several tests, but I didn't want to do that to her.  Even if we knew what was wrong, it was doubtful we could save her.  She was clearly suffering and looking at us with confused/glazed eyes.  Even her gums were showing signs of poor circulation, becoming less pink with a purplish tint.  She had given a last tail thump to Tracy before I arrived from my job to make the final decision with him, and then her tail was still - even when I came to her.  I had always said that I would have mercy on her when the tail stopped wagging.  CPT Harrison basically removed the pressure of the painful decision when he explained that the only thing we could really do for her would be to let her go, so we did.  We buried her in our backyard after letting McKenzie (our basset hound) and Ben (our current Golden foster) investigate.  Since McKenzie and Kate were a bonded pair, I knew it was important for her to see Kate.  She seemed to understand and I hope I don't lose her, too.  She's 13 as well and hasn't known life in our house without Kate.

Kate is the first dog I've lost as an adult and I'm struggling.  I can't remember life without her L.  She attended my graduation for my Master's degree at CSULB as a puppy.  My oldest nephew, now 15, had just turned 2 years old when I brought her home and she intrigued him as much as he did her.  I remember writing books for him using pictures of Kate and McKenzie to tell stories.  She's lived in four states (including Fort Riley  thus, the snow!) with me and was always a trooper, despite her health difficulties.  Even though I knew she had to be in pain with the extra weight and miserable with allergies, she never turned mean or stopped wagging her tail.  I was always greeted with enthusiasm at the door by her, whether I'd been gone 10 minutes or 10 days.  I will miss that, especially her 'propeller' tail wag.  She was, essentially, my 'oldest child'.

Given our loss, Trace and I have decided to adopt Ben permanently.  Ben is one of the Golden Retrievers that we've been fostering through GGRLC.  Through the years, Kate has allowed over 50 foster dogs to live in her home without complaint.  I think it is very appropriate that Ben, who slowly took on Kate's habits (attention hound, enthusiastic greeter), remain in the home where he was first loved by humans and dogs and learned to love back.

Like I said, Kate's been with me so long I can't remember life without her.  She's now crossed to the Rainbow Bridge.  I plan to meet her at the gate to see that tail wagging again.

God Bless,

Jillyen & Trace

Hi Kerry, hope you are well. I wanted to let you know that a donation in honor of Abe has been made from me, Kelly and also little Morgan to GGRLC via Pay Pal.

Abe meant more than you will know. He was a blessing that God gave us and he will never be forgotten.

Hopefully the donation in a small way can help others enjoy the same blessing we enjoyed having him in our lives.

I have attached a photo that was taken a while ago. It's the way we remember him, with his big paws, shining eyes and expressive face.

Thank you for your wonderful organization and all the work you do.

God bless.

Jeff, Kelly & Morgan.

It is with much sadness that I write to tell you about our beloved "Sasha". She was part of our family for 15 years. I gave her to my husband of 4 weeks because the family who owned the puppies were going on vacation and did not want to care for them.She was adorable. In 15 years we were married, had 4 children, moved 2 times across the country, have 2 Jack Russells and fostered and took care of many dogs. Sasha always accepted any change and was our baby. A year ago at almost 14 Sasha suffered a stroke  and recovered from it beautifully.Even as an elder she let you know she was the boss and never loss her desire to play and please you.  Sadly enough Sasha developed bone cancer and began to  decline rapidly.Walking, laying down and just daily life was difficult for her.Somehow she could always find the energy to wag her tail or just show you how much she loved you. Letting her go has been one of the most difficult things we have ever done. The pain and sadness we feel is so intense. Sasha was not  a Golden but the cross between a lab and an American Eskimo gave her that look. I am sending a donation in her name. I feel that is all I can do for her now.She brought so much joy to us and I can only hope that this will help you continue the work you do to bring joy to others.As someone recently said to me DOG is GOD spelled backwards because Dogs give us the unconditional love that God gives us too. As time passes I know our wounds wil heal and we will find it in our hearts to once again bring another dog into our lives. Know that the work or (unconditional love) you give these animals brings joy to others.
Pauline Tawil

Hi Ladies:

I was saddened today to learn that one of my favorite fosters "Bella" went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

My friends are devastated. She was a muched loved girl.

Fiona our sweet girl and loving Mom to Francesca, Faith, Flora, Felecia, Fenway, Fitz and Fido is at the bridge. Rescued from the shelter 2 days before  Easter, Fiona delivered 7 beautiful puppies Easter nite. She was an awesome Mom and did her job beautifully. She never complained or showed any sign she wasn't feeling well. When we took her in for her chest xray to stage her heartworm we found she had lung cancer. There was nothing we could do but hug her and tell her how much she was loved. Her wonderful foster parents Scott and Joy immediately became her forever Mom and Dad and showed her everyday how much she was treasured. In true style she held on to see all her babies go to wonderful and loving homes.. She lived life to the fullest right up to the end. Playing with her "boyfriend" Scottie who she adored and laying on the couch getting loving from Mom and Dad. As she did all things in life, Fiona went quietly, laying in bed hearing how much she was loved and knowing her job here was done. All her babies are safe and loved.
Bob such a gentle soul passed to the bridge due to kidney failure. He and his brother George came in as strays about a year ago. George was adopted by a wonderful family and Bob went to a home as well but it soon became apparant that he wasn't happy without George so he went to live with him.and spent the last year much loved by people and his brother. George and his Mom were able to come and see Bob off on his journey. We know he is healthy and young again, waiting for the day they will be reunited.
Molly came into the rescue after her family left her at the vets after surgery on her thyroid. As it turned out she had thyroid cancer that had spread throughout her body. A sweet and loving girl she was in the arms of her foster Mom and Dad when she passed to the bridge.
Johnson passed to the bridge when his little body just gave out. Part of the litter of 10 he came to us malnourished and with the one of the worst cases of Sarcoptic Mange we have ever seen. Fortunately he held on for a couple of weeks and learned what it meant to be loved, clean, warm and have a full tummy. He will be sorely missed and never forgotten.
Hi Kerry & Virginia.
I hope you are both doing well. Unfortunately, I am writing with some sad news. Maggie passed away this afternoon. After a few months of really seeing her decline, I made the decision to send her to the bridge. It has been a really tough day and I know its going to take some time to heal. However, her health had been pretty bad and it had gotten to a point that I was carrying her up stairs. I thought you would both like to know. I attached some pictures that I took earlier today. I hope you are both doing well and that all your fur kids are a-o-k. Give them big hugs tonight.


Hi Kerry
Enclosed is a donation in memory of our much loved, beautiful, velcro golden boys Morgan (9/21/95- 9/20/04) and Henry (8/28/00 - 12/02/08). Morgan succombed to pelvic bone cancer and Henry died very suddenly of hemangiosarcoma. These wonderful boys are greatly missed everyday.

Susan Harvin
Hi Kerry,
I wanted to let you know that Phin went on his last adventure Monday afternoon and crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge
We had quite a scare about 5 weeks ago.  He was completely normal one day and on his death bed the next.  After going to the emergency vet, our vet, and a specialist we found out that he had hemangiosarcoma and only a few days left to live.  We were completely devastated. We decided to opt for a surgery where they drain the blood from around his heart.  As long as Phin was willing to fight, we were too.  The vet wasn't too hopefully that he would last more than a few days after that.  Phin of course, had to prove everyone wrong. I picked him up that afternoon and I knew it was my crazy boy coming down the hall before I ever even laid eyes on him.  Phin was on some pretty heavy sedatives but yet still managed to drag the vet tech down the hall to get to me and greet the other animals in the waiting room.  He was besides himself and falling over on the floor because he was so excited and couldn't get traction. No one ever told him his was old and he definitely wasn't told he was sick either.  That surgery gave him his life back.  In 4 short hours, he did a complete 180 and we had our Phin for an amazing 5 more weeks & he was wild as ever!  He was supposed to stay very calm, but Phin does not understand that word.  He came home and raced around the yard and wanted to play all afternoonhe was feeling good! We traded in going on walks for car rides (his "motorized walk").  He would patrol the neighborhood to keep everything in check.  Even from the car, he could still cause trouble.  He saw a big dog whose owner wasn't paying attention and had the leash just wrapped around his wrist.  Phin gave a little whine from the window and that dog came running and pulled the man right off his feet and into a ditch!  He passed away on Monday during his final "walk"  the thing he loved most. Phin like many Goldens teach us so much about life.  His lessons such as "Always stay young at heart no matter what your age", "Enjoy every moment to its fullest", and "Everything is an adventure" will remain with us forever. Thank you for all that you do at the Rescue.  If we would have never become a Foster Flunkie, we would have never had the privilege of being loved by Phin and known the joy he brought to our lives. I'm attaching some of our favorite pictures.  A donation has been made in his honor. 

Take care,
Holy and Lee

Ginger our wonderful and sweet 14 plus year old crossed over to the bridge. Her kidneys finally gave up and there was nothing more we could do. Her foster Mom held her and told her how much she was loved. We know she is running and playing once again.
Wilbur was a sweet older guy (8 -10) and was found as a stray. He was so matted and dirty that the folks who found him had to shave him down. He  got along with everyone including all the animals on the farm where he stayed for several days while his family was searched for. He was one sweetheart whose tail never stopped wagging. He went to the bridge after a battle with liver cancer. He will be missed greatly.
Gracie is estimated to be 2 years old and as you can see her life has been terrible. We received a call Friday evening from the shelter that a critically ill Golden had been brought in by people who had found her on the side of the road. They brought her home and when she couldn't eat they brought her to the shelter. One of our volunteer families dropped what they were doing and rushed to the shelter to get Gracie and take her to the Emergency Hospital. Wrapped in blankets to keep her warm as her body temperature was very low they encouraged her to hang on while massaging her. Gracie looked at them and moaned and talked with pleasure. We knew then we would do everything we could to save this precious girl.

She has had multiple blood panels which shows she has an infection and is severely dehydrated and anemic. She has heartworm and her chest X-ray does not look good. She has been started on antibiotics, fluids, and vitamins. Fortunately her kidney and liver functions are stable for now. This poor baby has not eaten in as the Vet said a "very long time" so we will start high calorie food at a tablespoon at a time. Gracie has a long road ahead and her condition is extremely guarded. We will update as we learn more. For now she needs Golden Angels and prayers for a full recovery.

Gracie tried her best to hang on but she was just to debilitated and died in our arms on the way from the emergency Vet to our Vet. We are all heartbroken but we pray she felt all the love and prayers that came her way the last few days of her life. We believe we will see her again at the bridge. Thank you all for the support.
Clancy: Hello to Family and  Friends,

Don and I are sad to tell you that our beloved Clancy passed away on Friday, Feb. 26th, 2010. We were with him when he died peacefully after a long week of pain and suffering. We had to make a tough decision for his benefit and ours.

He was a very special dog and we all will miss him...his smile...his playfulness...his wonderful companionship.

Peg, Don and Tasha
Hi Tom and Chris,

Here are a couple pictures of our boy Wilson, who was with us for far too short a time.  Yesterday we had a wonderful day together--after having his sutures from the cyst surgery removed, I was able finally to take Wilson to his favorite beach for a romp and swim.  He was his usual self, although his energy level was lower than usual, as it had been for a few days.  We figured this was a result of his recovery from surgery.  Last night he essentially collapsed and was unable to use his legs, so Geri and I carried him to the car and drove him to the emergency vet, who gave us the bad news--he had advanced splenic hemangiosarcoma.  Our first Golden--Casey--died of the same cancer, so we knew what the diagnosis meant.  After searching our hearts and consulting with the vet, we decided to say goodbye to our beloved boy.

The first time we saw Wilson, we knew that he was meant to be with us.  He was such a sweet guy--"Mr. Personality"--and won the hearts of all that met him.  The staff at Kind Care, where he had his surgery, said that the was the sweetest dog they'd ever worked with.  Three months is not a long time, but those months were so full of fun for our boy--we were able to take him to the beach almost daily and he loved romping with his sisters--you can bet that Murphy and Keira will miss him!

We can't thank Grateful Goldens enough for bringing Wilson into our lives.  The length of time spent with Wilson didn't really matter, as he won our hearts instantly and quickly became a member of the family.  It was if he'd always been with us....and his memory always will be.

Thanks again for all you do.
Jeff and Geri Craddock

This sweet boy crossed the bridge after he became very ill and it was determined he had inoperable cancer.  For his short time in rescue he was very loved by our foster family, the Cutshall's.  They will miss him deeply.

Stanley: Stanley fought the good fight but, in the end, his different ailments were too much for him.  Surrounded by the people who loved and cared for him, he left for the Rainbow Bridge, where he's now running & playing with his ducky toy and having lots of peanut butter sandwiches!!

He was loved and is missed greatly. 
Darcy was called to the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly.  We don't know why this beautiful, delicate girl left us so soon but we do know she was truely an angel.  Her foster Mom helped her recover from complications from a microchip her body was rejecting, then helped her through a tough two days after her spay.  She finally made her way to her new family and died after three days with them.  Needless to say, they are all devastated over her passing since they adored Darcy and showered her with love.  They miss her terribly and we hope they all know she knew how much she was loved and they will be forever in her heart at the Rainbow Bridge. 
Cosmo succumbed to severe pneumonia and we will all miss him.  Rest well sweet boy.
Goldie Tragically, Goldie developed a very aggressive brain tumor which immediately affected her quality of life.  We were left with no choice but to ease her suffering by sending her to the Bridge, where she is now pain-free and healthy.  We were privileged to have known this sweet girl and to have given her the Golden Life, if only for a short while. .
Sophia (From Her Permanent Fosters) Today our sweet Miss Sophia slipped the clutches of cancer and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She has left behind a gaping hole in our heart and an admiration few will ever match. Run free my sweatheart for now you have no pain to hobble you and now you can chase those tennis balls to your heart’s content. We can only hope our love has followed you across that bridge. You are already greatly missed
Lady touched the lives of many people, from the people she met in her pet therapy visits to the nursing home to the multitude of foster goldens who came through her home.  She was a vital member of the Grateful Goldens Rescue foster team, going on home visits to approve potential adopters, and working with rescued dogs to teach them the joys of being Golden.  Like the day she taught Brandy that going for a ride in the car was a good thing, jumping in and out of the backseat to show her it was alright.  Or the day she & Brandy taught the scared little foster how to climb the stairs, positioning themselves on either side of her and slowly climbing the stairs with her.  When they got halfway, Lady ran to the top of the stairs and urged her on – before long, they were all running up and down the stairs with joyful abandon.  A Grateful Golden couldn’t ask for a better foster mom.  To honor her memory, we will continue to work to give all goldens the life that she had.
Tucker was found as a stray in the Savannah area 6 years ago.  Like so many of the dogs, he was HW positive. We never knew his age, but he was no puppy, yet he jumped the fence constantly and was hyper! Despite that, his foster mom loved him and eventually adopted him.  She said it was because he had a BIG heart -- ironically, in the end it was his heart that medically failed him. He was so accepting of all the foster dogs that came through his home in those 6 years -- 42 of them!!  As much as he loved his ball, he would give it up to another dog. He was a very gentle soul and loved any human that came into the house.  He will be missed!!

Kendall is a mature (golden years, no pun intended) golden retriever from a loving home. His mistress had some tragic difficulties and he returned to the loving hands of Grateful Goldens. He is looking for a nice place to bring all of the love that has been given to him over the years. He is eleven years old and fond of sitting and watching television or listening to music, even though his days of chasing squirrels are over. He has a bit of arthritis and does not run very far but since he is so well mannered, he doesn't even need a lease.  He is mellow and calm around cats and other dogs and especially children, whom he dearly loves. He has a little trouble with stairs so he would be happiest on the ground floor.  Add a tennis ball and it is nirvana!  He is in very good health for his age (those are his natural highlights in his hair!).  He lives for a few pets now and again and can bring to you a very low maintenance, high love companion. 

Kendall left us in December 20011. He will be missed.
Willow literally walked out of the woods one day and found herself at Animal Control in Savannah. Luckily Grateful Goldens was contacted and took her in. She was examined and treated by a wonderful local Vet and staff and then I had the pleasure of fostering her.
I named her Willow because she was so skinny and quiet. She had a long list of medical issues and needed 6 different medicines just to get her started back to good health so we could tackle the more serious issues, and the medicines were working. She was a happy girl, getting along with her two foster sisters and two cat brothers and brought all of us much joy as we watched her recovery. After one week life was looking better. She had regained a spring in her step and there was a glow in her eyes along with a beautiful smile.
Then one evening she began experiencing pain and acting very strangely so we went to the emergency vet. It was determined after examination of the x-rays that she had a twisted stomach. The hard decision to put her down was then made by Grateful Goldens and the vet. It is never an easy decision but due to her age and her other health problems survival from surgery was problematic for her. She went across the bridge very graciously and was pain free once again.
I would encourage all owners of large dogs to become familiar with this condition since it seems to strike down larger dogs more frequently. There isn’t a lot known about the condition and we’d like to see more research done for this.
Even though she was only with us for a week, she knew she was loved and wanted and in the end that is the greatest gift we can give these magnificent creatures. She really is missed around my house.

Lee-Ann Buxton-Whitley
Foster Mom